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Fill in the form with your details and then click the Sign Up button.

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account, if you don't see it please check your spam folder.

Once you have activated your account you can then place orders.

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From there you can add a new address or click the EDIT button to change your current address.

Once you have changed your details click the UPDATE ADDRESS button to save.

To change your email address you will need to contact us.

Placing An Order

You need to have an account and be logged in to place an order. 

You do this by clicking log in at the top right hand corner.

The default currency for the website is GBP - British Pounds.

Use the currency selector to display prices in other currencies.

You can also checkout and PAY in other currencies.

The currency selector is located at the very bottom of the website home page.

You need to be  logged in to place an order, once you have all the items you want to purchase in your cart, tick the box to say you agree to the terms and conditions then click the go to checkout button.

Cart check box

Fill in your details or select a stored address, enter a discount code or gift card if you have one and click apply then click continue to payment method.
Cart InfoSelect which payment method you want to use then click the review order button.

Payment info

Review your order and make sure any discount codes have been applied then click the complete order button.


Once you have made payment you will be redirected to the website. You can download your files immediately by clicking the Access Digital Content button. You will also receive an email with your download links. The order will appear in your account history along with your files to download at a later date should you need to.

Clicking the Continue Shopping button will take you back to the website homepage.

order complete


Go to checkout,  enter the code in the discount box on the right hand side then click apply.

Discount codes are case sensitive.

discount codes

Go to checkout, apply the code in the box on the right hand side and click apply.

Gift Cards do not expire and you don't have to spend the full amount, it will save any balance until you have used it all up.

If your order total comes to more than the balance on your Gift Card you just pay the difference.

using a gift card

How Do I Get My Files?

Once payment has been made you will be redirected to the website order confirmation page.

Click the Access Digital Content button to download your files.

Once your order is completed you will receive an email containing your download links.

Log in and go to your account.

Click the pink bar.


Click on the file that you wish to download.

download library

A download link will appear, just click on it to begin the download.

download link


Usually no, all my designs are digital which means you cannot return them.

However if you require help with a design please contact me then I can work with you to resolve any issues.

Always make sure you are logged in when adding items to your cart, this way you will be notified if you have previously purchased an item.

Mistakes do happen so if you find you have purchased a design you already have then please contact us and we will issue a credit or another design in its place. 

Extracting Files From The Zip Folder

Your files will download as a zip folder.

To open the folder, right click and select open.

Opening Zip folder

You can now see your folder, either drag and drop or copy and paste this folder onto your desktop.

Opened Zip Folder

Extracted Folder

Your files are now extracted. DO NOT click to open stitch files on your computer, you can only open them if you have software installed.

You can open the jpg file to see a picture of the design and you can open the pdf instruction, stitch/colour charts  and terms of use files.

Folder contents

File Formats

Eight different machine file formats are included with our designs.

.DST - This format can be used on any machine but it does not save any colour information.

.EXP - Melco, Bernina

.HUS - Viking Husqvarna

.XXX - Singer

.VIP - Pfaff, Viking Husqvarna

.VP3 - Pfaff, Viking Husqvarna

.JEF - Janome

.PES - Brother and Babylock

.ART format is not included but Bernina machines can use EXP format.

You do not need to keep all the different formats, you can delete the ones you don't use.


Tear away stabiliser feels like paper and comes in different strengths.

Suitable for ITH designs and light designs.

Tears away easily after stitching.

Poly mesh stabiliser.

Suitable for clothing, denser designs, quilting.

Cut away the excess.

Ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Suitable for knits and stretch fabrics. 

Cut or tear away the excess after stitching.


Has a peel-able backing.

Suitable for bulky or small items which are hard to hoop and some ITH projects.

Tears away after stitching.

Feels more like a lightweight fabric.

Suitable for free standing lace.

Dissolves in warm water.

Water soluble topping.

Very thin, has a plastic feel.

This is used on top of heavy pile fabric such as towels and fleece to stop the the stitches sinking in.

Tears away easily after stitching and dissolves when wet.

Stitching Help

Absolutely, all my designs can be used on items you make that are for personal use or to sell but not mass production. However some of the free designs can only be used on items to be sold for raising funds for charity, this will be stated in the design description and in the accompanying terms of use.

You must NOT sell or share the digital files in whole or part and under no circumstances must the download links be shared.

This often happens, use the colours suggested on the stitch chart or choose your own, you don't have to use the same colours as the design was made in.

Resizing is not a good idea, it can cause a lot of problems when you come to stitch the design out. You need to purchase the size you require or if another size is not available on the website please contact me and I will be happy to help. 

Sometimes if you open a design first in software it can change the stitch order.

It is important that designs stitch out in the correct order, colour sorting can cause all sorts of problems and the finished design may not look as it is intended.

If this happens try sending the design straight to your machine via usb or cable.


You are only allowed to use the files to stitch out the designs. 

All files remain the property of Titania Creations and you must NOT share, sell, transfer, swap or distribute them in whole or part to ANYONE.

Full terms of use are provided with every purchased or free design and can also be found on the website.

Common Terms & Abbreviations

FSL - Free standing lace

WSS - Water soluble stabiliser

ITH - In the hoop

WIP - Work in progress

QAYG - Quilt as you go

RST - right sides together

WST - Wrong sides together

SA - Seam allowance


Floating is when you hoop just the stabiliser and then lay your fabric in the hoop, the fabric is usually held in place with a temporary adhesive 505 spray and/or a basting stitch.

Basting Stitch

A run stitch used to hold the fabric in place before stitching a design, usually a longer length of stitch that is removed afterwards.

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