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Suppliers I use

These are the UK suppliers I use

Lords Sewinghttps://www.lordsewing.co.uk/

Keith and his team offer unrivalled customer service and super fast delivery when ordering on line. I purchase my machines and hoops etc, Floriani threads, Kingstar metallic thread and machine needles from here.

Keith also does lots of very helpful you tube videos including tutorials, machine maintenance and trouble shooting -  https://www.youtube.com/c/keithlordsewing


Fireside Fabricshttps://firesidefabrics.co.uk/

I love Fireside Fabrics, super fast delivery and you know I cannot resist a bit of fairy frost!


Fabric Landhttps://www.fabricland.co.uk/

I buy all my felt and fleece from here.


Rooftop Fabricshttps://www.rooftopfabrics.com/

Lots of nice fabric and chalkboard fabric is available from here.


Lucys Machine Embroideryhttps://www.lucysmylarandcrafts.co.uk/

The only UK supplier of genuine mylar sheets.


Empress Millshttps://www.empressmills.co.uk/

I buy my batting from here.



I buy all my stabiliser from here.