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Christmas Wreath Ornaments Set of four 4x4

£3.95 GBP

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A set of four stuffed ornaments that can be added to a wreath to make a stunning Christmas decoration.
All are made in the 4x4 hoop.
Each ornament requires a small amount of hand stitching to close the opening.
3.25 x 3.50" (82.6 x 88.8 mm) with 978 stitches
3.75 x 3.50" (95.3 x 88.8 mm) with 1174 stitches
3.00 x 3.50" (76.3 x 89.00 mm) with 934 stitches
2.00 x 2.85" (50.8 x 72.4 mm) with 530 stitches
The bell, dove and heart will make beautiful wedding decorations too!